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Collection cleaning cloth

  • [ Discription]

    -Jackson's chameleon design


    -Microfiber cloth to keep clean your glass collection

    -Sublimation printing on the front side

    -No print on the back side

    -Printed in Japan

    -Jagged all sides

  • [ Shipping ]

    -Shipped by DHL ( 7-10 days for arriving at USA from JAPAN )

    -Shipping cost is $20 by one order (you can add some items in a box)

    -Free shipping for orders over $300

  • [ Payment ]


  • [ Return/Exchanges Policy ]

    Return Policy lasts 7 days.

    We do not accept any returns or exchanges after 7 days since the day of the item was delivered.



    We do not accept any returns or exchanges unless the item you purchased is defective. If you have received a defective item, please contact us at including the details and picture to proof the defective item. If the return is accepted, we will send the address to send back via email. Please remind that shipping charges including import taxes must be paid by you. We will not refund any shipping charges or import taxes. Depending on where you live, the item may take for your exchanged product to reach may vary.

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